Credit and Exchange Policies

If your package has arrived damaged, is missing items, or otherwise tampered with, please contact
the carrier (UPS, Federal Express, etc;) and Spooles immediately. Any delay in contacting us
makes it more difficult to file a claim. Please keep ALL packaging and items EXACTLY AS

Please Note:
Spooles has a tight quality control system and each item shipped is inspected. If an item happens
to arrive damaged, please notify Spooles within two business days upon receipt. An exchange or
credit to your account will be made once the item is shipped to us.

In the event an item must be shipped back to Spooles, please adhere to the following steps:
1.Call Spooles to obtain a Return Authorization number.
2. Pack the item(s) back into its original packaging. If the item(s) is not packaged in the same
manner you received it, we may not be able to accept a credit or exchange.
3. Put the item in its original shipping box or one comparable in quality.
4. Please send along a brief note stating why the item is coming back.
5. Do not send merchandise back COD or freight collect.
ANY items shipped to Spooles without a RETURNED AUTHORIZATION NUMBER will be
For your own protection, insure all packages. Spooles is NOT responsible for shipments which
are lost, pilfered or damaged, we will not accept items shipped COD.

Spooles does not grant refunds based on the following:
We consider all orders placed with Spooles to be Custom orders. However, only Spooles has the
right to grant a refund in certain circumstances. However, all items sent back to us must arrive in
the following manner:

1. All purse straps must be wrapped in bubble wrap.
2. The purses must be sent in their protective plastic bag.
3. Spooles Tags must be left on and stuffing left in the purses.
4. Buckles must be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in their protective container.
5. The Buckle and Cuff container must be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box that is.
Fill shipping box with Styrofoam popcorn or other protective filling; for shipping purposes.

A Credit, Exchange, or “Return” will be denied if your establishment has had the merchandise for
more than 2 days!
Spooles considers a 2-day period to be ample time to go over your custom merchandise.

A Credit, Exchange, or “Refund” will be denied based on the following:
1. If the item appears to be worn or mistreated in any manner.
2. Spoole tags are missing.
3. If the items are not shipped in the same manner they were innately shipped.
4. If a Return Authorization number is not obtained.
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