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Territory Criteria and Trademark Use

The following criteria are applied to promote the goodwill of the Spooles name and to ensure that
the Spooles brand is represented by stores that most resemble the branded image of Spooles
within a geographical location.

Territory Criteria
a. Spooles will not sell the same merchandise to another retail location within three (3) miles of an
existing account in good standing.
b. Spooles reserves the right to split the line within a territory if an account has “Passed” on any
part of the line. Party will be notified in writing if territory split occurs.
c. Due to the three-mile radius policy, it is imperative that all addresses listed where Spooles
products will be sold or promoted must be disclosed.
d. A 4-Month period of inactivity will cause territory to “open” to other retailers. After a period of
inactivity, a minimum order may be required. The minimum amount will be determined by a
Spooles associate.
e. Stores with multiple locations may be required to meet a minimum order amount per location.
Trademark protection
a. The use of any Spooles trademarks without the written authorization of Spooles is strictly
b. The use of the Spooles name, likeness, image, or trademarks for advertising or public disclosure
without the written authorization of Spooles is strictly prohibited.
The importance of creating, preserving, and enhancing the goodwill of our products and designs is
an important consideration for us at Spooles. To ensure that all Spooles products and designs
retain the commercial identity and superior quality attached to the Spooles origin, we ask that you
take the above outline in consideration.